Nick Bruce interview

Nick Bruce, National Account Manager, talks about his first few weeks with NHCC.

1. Please tell us about your new role and what it involves….

I am the National Account Manager for NHCC, which means I am responsible for looking after existing NHCC clients and supporting new client development across the UK. I need to have a close working relationship with all the NHCC teams from the Project Coordinators, Project Managers, Customer Care, Business Development and Finance teams. This ensures we maintain our delivery of world-class customer service to meet the expectations of our clients.

The role is a split between being out and about and in the office and once the lockdown restrictions are fully lifted I expect to be out of the office visiting clients more than I am now.

2. How have you found your first few weeks at NHCC?

I have really enjoyed my first few weeks at NHCC, despite the current global pandemic I have met and spent time with all my key colleagues. I know this is not the case for some people in different business sectors who have started new roles recently, so I feel lucky in that respect as I feel integrated already. Thankfully, NHCC are committed to continuing business as normal where possible, following government guidelines. The restrictions have allowed me to commit more time in the office and get to know all my colleagues and understand what NHCC is about and the services the company offers.

3. In your opinion, what is the best service NHCC offer and why?

Without a doubt, our outsourced customer care. It is entirely bespoke, which means it is flexible and can fit around our client’s business model, this allows them to focus on home building while we focus on looking after their customers. We work with housebuilders, housing associations and build to rent specialists, across the UK and we can set up a number of different facilities and services for them including 24/7 telephone support lines, dedicated email addresses and web portals. All can be branded in the clients name or independently as NHCC.

4. Has it always been clear to you how your career would progress?

To a certain extent yes, my career has always been around providing excellent customer service as I really enjoy helping people as I’m a people person. I started my career in hospitality management and after starting a family I was looking for an environment that allowed me to regulate my working hours and not work each evening and every weekend. This led me into Business Centre Management. After 4 years working locally, I took a role in London where I spent a further 4 years managing a Business Centre in the City.  I then undertook a Facilities Manager role based in Central London where I was responsible for the company’s various offices located in and out of London, this role lasted almost 8 years. Now with NHCC, when in the office I am working locally with national travel as required.

5. What is it about your role that you are particularly enjoying?

As already mentioned, I’m a people person and I’m particularly enjoying meeting and getting to know new and interesting people, this includes both clients and colleagues. I am already building relationships and will continue to do so. As lockdown restrictions lift, I will continue to meet more of our clients to get to understand their business model with the intention of adding value.

6. How have the NHCC team made you feel welcome?

Everyone is very friendly & helpful, and I have had a very comprehensive induction. I have lots of questions but nothing feels too much trouble for anybody to answer which has been great. Due to the current pandemic it has been difficult to engage in any social activity but we did manage to get out as a team for a drink on the evening of the first day out of lockdown. Fortunately, it was a nice day as we had to sit outside but it felt like a huge step towards what used to be regarded as normal. There is a great relationship and atmosphere in the office between the teams which is fantastic.

7. What do you like to do outside of the job?

I love playing golf and can regularly be found at my local golf club at the weekend. Golf does take up a fair chunk of time meaning I do not have time for many other hobbies, but I do follow other sports such as cricket, football and motor racing. I am a sociable person and cannot sit still for too long, I enjoy live music, eating out with family and friends and until the recent pandemic I did not realise how much we took ‘going out’ for granted. My intention is to get out more post lockdown as we have all been confined inside for too long.