From PHI’s (professional snagging service, which has been proven to pay for itself) to full and intrusive investigations for the warranty provider.

We work with a number of clients where we will go and inspect every single home they produce, typically 2-4 weeks prior to legal completion. We produce a time, date, stamped report with imagery and video if appropriate that identifies to your site team what needs to be put right before the home owners move in and we help manage that process.


Using our NHCC Scoper mobile app, our surveying experts can visit new home owners shortly after they move in to make sure they are completely happy.

They can manage customer expectations by providing professional and knowledgeable courtesy visits that reassure the new home owner they are receiving high quality care. They can prepare new home inspections snagging reports detailing any feedback from the customer as well as home survey reports that provide comprehensive information on any snagging or defects issues with a fully costed schedule of works in line with the UK’s leading warranty providers’ requirements. We can provide you with a fully costed report with comprehensive breakdown and produce a similar report for the home occupier without listing cost. The home surveys give our clients the confidence that any repairs required are proportionate and appropriate, backed up with written and photographic evidence.

As Scoper is integrated into NHCC Reflex 360, our team and your staff can quickly access information using our online client portal, even making decisions on any issues before the surveyor leaves site.