National Customer Service Week

A round up of National Customer Service week at NHCC.

Monday – The Changing World of Work:

This week is the Institute of Customer Service’s National Customer Service Week, and we will be celebrating customer service with a series of themes!

Keep an eye out on our website and LinkedIn page for upcoming posts and activities, we look forward to showing our appreciation to our staff members and customer service heroes!

Tuesday – Celebrate Service with Respect Day:

Today is Celebrating Service with Respect Day. We are official supporters of the Institute of Customer Service and providing ’Service with Respect’. We strongly agree with their morals and mission statements.

At NHCC, we adopt a zero-tolerance approach to hostility and abuse against our employees and, like the Institute of Customer Service, believe in a world where customer experience makes a positive and sustained impact on individuals, organisations and the economic wellbeing of the UK.

Wednesday – Essential Customer Service Skills and Capabilities:

Today is Essential Customer Service Skills and Capabilities Day.

At NHCC we understand the importance of excellent customer service and pride ourselves in the brilliant relationships we have with our clients. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our clients have to say about the service we provide…

Thursday – Effective Strategy and Focused Leadership:

Today is the Institute of Customer Service’s Effective Strategy and Focused Leadership Day, therefore we have hosted a coffee and cake afternoon for our dedicated staff

We want to show our appreciation to the team by encouraging them to share their ideas and thoughts on the company’s customer service strategy.

Friday – Celebrate Your Customer Service Heroes on Recognition Day:

Getting To Know NHCC: Georgia Davies

Today is the final day of Institute of Customer Service National Customer Service Week and the focus is Customer Service Heroes. What better way to introduce our Senior Project Coordinator, Georgia Davies.

“I particularly enjoy working with those clients and customers that have a difficult situation that I can help them resolve.”

See the full interview in the ‘News’ section of our website.